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Easter Sunday, Easter weekend

Me and Kayla

Me and Kayla

Our Easter Sunday wasn’t as hectic this year. My sister hosted Easter brunch at her place, so I only had to bring a couple of casseroles over to help out. When Kayla woke up in the morning, she looked at her Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. Then she looked at her basket from mommy and daddy, and her gifts from grandma. She searched for the hidden plastic eggs around the living room and put them all in her big purple bucket. Once she was done finding the eggs, I got her dressed and headed to the kitchen to pop the casseroles I prepared the night before into the oven to bake. We had a very laid back brunch at my sister’s house, then headed home for a nap. (Yay for naps!) Later on, we made salted caramel chocolate nests for dessert. Kayla tried to help out, but she was busy stealing the jelly beans that go on top of the nests as a decoration. All in all, we had a great Easter Sunday.

Basket from the Easter Bunny.

Basket from the Easter Bunny.

Gifts from grandma (my mom)

Gifts from grandma (my mom)

Basket from Mommy and Daddy

Basket from Mommy and Daddy

Easter Sunday 2013 037

Easter Sunday 2013 028

Easter Sunday 2013 023

Easter Sunday 2013 041

Easter Sunday 2013 064

Easter Sunday 2013 060

Easter Sunday 2013 055

Easter Sunday 2013 079

Easter Sunday 2013 077

Easter Sunday 2013 074

Easter Sunday 2013 071

The salted caramel chocolate nests are a fun dessert to make with kids, but prepared to get a little messy. It’s worth it though, because these are a great treat. If you want the recipe, check out my other blog at: http://kaylakakes.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/salted-caramel-chocolate-nests/

We had a busy Saturday before Easter. We took Kayla to a Helicopter Easter Egg Drop at a local entertainment place for kids. It was an outside event with pony rides, inflatable jumpers, and a tractor ride. I don’t think it was worth the money, but Kayla had a great time. We met up with her Aunt (one of my husband’s sisters) and one of her cousins at the event. It was kind of neat watching all the plastic eggs fall from the helicopter and blow all over the field. If I was a little kid, I would have been impressed. Afterwards, we headed to lunch at McDonald’s (something Kayla rarely gets to eat), then to my in-law’s house for a visit. Since we were spending Easter with my family, we decided to take Kayla to see her grandparents (my husband’s parents) the day before. She had a blast running around with her cousin and acting silly. At night, Kayla and I colored Easter eggs together. She did a lot better this year and was very proud of her eggs. The best part was when she was talking to the eggs because she was convinced there were baby chicks inside. This kid cracks me up.

Easter Saturday, 2013 002 (2)

Easter Saturday, 2013 009

Easter Saturday, 2013 007

Easter Saturday, 2013 006

Easter Saturday, 2013 017

Easter Saturday, 2013 015

Easter Saturday, 2013 012

Easter Saturday, 2013 040

Easter Saturday, 2013 027

Easter Saturday, 2013 019

Easter Saturday, 2013 048

Easter Saturday, 2013 050

Easter Saturday, 2013 051

Easter Saturday, 2013 052

Easter Saturday, 2013 055

Even though we had a nice weekend, I am glad it’s over. It’s nice to just sit down and relax, and not have to think about another holiday for a few months. I’m off to bed now. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter with their family and friends.

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Easter Projects, Egg Hunts, and a New Car

I have a few partially written blog posts that I just haven’t had the time to complete. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We bought a new (used) car last week. It took a few weeks of research, looking up cars at dealerships, and going in for test drives before I decided on the one I really wanted. My husband traded in his very old Pontiac Grand Am, and he is now driving my old car, a Chevy Trailblazer. I am now the proud owner of a 2012 Dodge Journey SXT with AWD, and only 26,000 miles on it. So far, I love my new car. It’s one of those crossover vehicles that kind of looks like a SUV, but it handles like a car. It has plenty of storage space and can seat up to 7 people. This thing is about as close to a minivan as I’m ready to deal with at this point in my life. I’m looking forward to having this car for the next 5-10 years.

Kayla's face and my car 011

Kayla's face and my car 013

Since Easter is right around the corner, I’ve been doing Easter projects with Kayla and my nephew. Today, they did a do-a-dot egg picture, a chick hatching coloring page, and they decorated foam bunnies. Kayla already did a foam bunny last weekend, but she was still excited to do another one with her cousin. They always like doing projects together.




Last weekend, I took Kayla to an Easter Egg Hunt hosted by a local park district. The weather was actually decent outside that day, so it was great to get out and enjoy some fresh air. The only thing Kayla was really interested in was going up to the Easter Bunny and giving him/her a big hug. As soon as she saw the bunny, she kept pulling me until we got close. Then after she saw the bunny once, she had to go back again before we left. I was happy to see her excited, since last year she was a little unsure about the extremely tall bunny we saw at a local mall. Of course, the bunny from last year wore glasses and clothes, so maybe that seemed odd to her. This bunny was just a simple white bunny with no attire. Maybe she prefers the Easter Bunny to be in his/her birthday suit. Who knows.




This has been a fun week preparing for Easter. We’ll be attending another Easter Egg Hunt this weekend with some of my husband’s family members. Kayla should have a blast hanging out with some of her cousins she doesn’t see as much. I’m currently trying to make out my grocery list so I am ready to start preparing food Saturday night. Thankfully, my sister has offered to host Easter at her house this year, so all I have to do is bring a few dishes. I loved hosting it last year, but we just have too much going on this year. Happy Easter!

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