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Dance class and a Fall Fest make the weekend complete

Saturday morning, Kayla and I attended a dance class that is offered through one of the local park districts.  The class is only $36 for 7 weeks.  Not bad.  The teacher is well known in the area for being a great dance teacher for young kids.  Even though the official dance attire isn’t required for the class with the kids under 2, I decided to dress Kayla in a ballet outfit.  When she goes onto the pre-ballet class, she will have to wear the proper attire, so I figured I should get her used to wearing it now.  She wore a light pink leotard, a black shirt, light pink tights, and light pink ballet slippers.  She looked adorable.  And better yet, she loved the outfit.  She was so excited to be going to dance class, even though I don’t think she knew exactly what was in-store for her.  She just enjoys going bye-bye.

Kayla holding her favorite monkeys before leaving for class.

Playing in her ballerina outfit before leaving for class.

The class we’re taking is for little ones and their mom.  It’s all about introducing young kids to music and doing some very simple dance moves for their age.  They get to play with scarves, puppets, and rythme sticks.  They dance around to simple, kiddie songs with easy movements.  They also get to sing.  Some of the kids have taken the class before, so they are used to the way it runs, but others are newbies like us.

Arriving at dance class.

Being silly with the other kids.

She wasn’t quite sure how to use the rythme sticks.

Taking a water break.

Kayla had fun looking at the other kids, watching her teacher, and trying to follow along the best she could.  We had a few minor bumps along the way when she wanted to use props we were no longer using, but she did very well for her first day.  I was proud of my little ballerina.

After class, we went home to change clothes and get her daddy so we could head to a local fall fest.  It’s a small fest, but it’s great for families.  There was fresh food, crafts, music, a petting zoo, and pony rides.  The fest was worth going to just to see Kayla’s face light up when she saw the horses.  This was the first time we actually let her ride on a pony.  Before, we were always worried she was too young, or that she would freak out.  Over the last month, her love for horses has grown, so we figured it was time.  There is nothing better than seeing a smile on your child’s face that you help put there.

Kayla riding a horse. She was so excited.

Kayla on a horse at the fall fest.

I walked around with her to make sure she didn’t fall off. She was a little unsteady and still too young to ride by herself.

We had a great time walking around the fest.  We ate some fantastic Mexican food from a food truck, and listened to a talented 16 year old girl sing her heart out.  We munched on popcorn, let Kayla look at the animals, and bought some pumpkin butter to take home to try.  All in all, it was a fun day.

Taking a break to munch on some kettle corn.

A pig and a duck in the petting zoo.

Bonding with a goat.

Kayla and daddy looking around.

Kayla walking around with her daddy like a big girl.

If we were more ambitious, there were two other fests going on nearby this weekend that we could have went to, but we decided to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.  Well…we did do some necessary shopping and my husband went fishing…but besides that, we relaxed.

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