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This blog is for parents who are interested in teaching their young child/children at home.  This is a place where parents can share thoughts, opinions, and experiences with each other about early childhood homeschooling.  I will be sharing pesonal experiences, as well as, providing tons of ideas on things to do with children.  Some topics that will be covered will be: songs, fingerplays, crafts, flash cards, field trip ideas, and games.

This site is for any parent who wants to be involved in their child’s learning experience, whether you officially homeschool your child or you want to supplement your child’s education.  This blog is meant to be for all parents who want to make learning more interesting for their young children.

I am a stay-at-home mom with a toddler (now a preschooler) who loves to learn.  I am passionate about providing my daughter with an alternative educational experience.  I want learning to be fun, exciting, and enjoyable.  I want her to be an active participant in her learning experience.  I believe hands-on learning is the best way to achieve a well-rounded learning experience.  Kids should be able to learn about things they are interested in, and not just what they are told to learn.  They should be able to be involved in activities and classes that are not offered at traditional schools.  It’s time for us to start thinking out of the box.  Let’s make learning fun and exciting for our kids.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, my contact email is:  JennyWKrusza@yahoo.com

My daughter, Kayla, at the penguin exhibit at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois.

Baking Christmas cookies, 2014

Baking Christmas cookies, 2014


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