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Disney World Homeschool Days

on April 7, 2015


Some homeschoolers may not know about this, but Disney World has Homeschool Days (Disney Student Seminars) twice a year.  I ran into some information about this last year, but my daughter wasn’t old enough to attend.  Since my daughter will be turning 5 this fall, I decided to look up Disney Homeschool Days for 2015.  They will be doing it again this Fall.  It appears they do one at the beginning of the year, and one at the end of the year.

When you attend Disney Homeschool Days (Disney Student Seminars), you can buy discount Disney Theme Park tickets at a HUGE savings.  If you’re a homeschooler, this seems like the perfect time to take a trip to Disney.  For instance, a regular 3 day park ticket is normally $275 for an adult (before tax).  With the Homeschool Days discount, you’ll only pay $173.74.  For a 3 day park hopper ticket. you’d normally pay $339 for an adult (before tax).  With the Homeschool Days discount, the 3 day park hopper ticket is only $200.50.  That’s a pretty good savings.  If you are taking a longer trip and need a 7 day park ticket, you’d normally pay $335 (before tax).  With the Homeschool Days Discount, you’ll only pay $232.63.  Wow, right?

The Homeschool Days only gives you discounts on park tickets.  It does not provide discounts for Disney Resorts or Dining Plans.  That’s my understanding of it, anyway.  When you attend the Homeschool Days, you are required to attend at least one seminar, which will be included in your park ticket price.  To attend more seminars, you have to pay extra.  I’ve seen prices ranging from $29-$35 for extra seminar classes.  Disney’s site lists the price for extra seminar classes as $35.

Beyond attending one seminar class, you are free to do whatever you want on your vacation.  You do not have to hang out with other homeschoolers.  You don’t have to attend any other events.  You can go about the rest of your trip as you wish.  Sounds pretty awesome to me.

If you want further information, here are some sites you can check out.

This is Disney’s site for registering for the Homeschool Days (Student Seminars):


Here are a few other sites listing information for 2015:





The last link is for a homeschooling site that offers group homeschooling trips.  The site registers for the Homeschool Days for you as part of their group.  I’ve read good reviews about them, and it’s a reliable site.  I actually may book my trip through them.  The regular Homeschool Days (Student Seminars) are in September and October, but Carolina Homeschooling offers their group trip in November.  They still only require you to attend one seminar, then you are free to spend your vacation however you’d like.  They also coordinate homeschool trips to Universal Studios, but this blog post is all about Disney.  Check out their site for more information on their other trips.

Hopefully, this information will be helpful to those of you that may be interested in attending Disney Homeschool Days. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to register and start planning my trip.  🙂


10 responses to “Disney World Homeschool Days

  1. Robin Heinen says:

    Do you have any dates set up for Jan 2016?

    • Jenny W-K says:

      Dates have not been released yet, from what I understand. It typically takes place at the end of January into the beginning of February. And sometimes there is a seminar that you are required to attend in order to get the discounts. I hope this helps.

      My daughter and I are going on the Carolina Homeschooling group trip to Disney World this November. I believe this year there will be 800 – 1000 homeschoolers attending the group trip. Once we get back, I’ll be doing a post.

  2. Katie's Keys says:

    Are the seminars for kids or adults? I’m going into grade 9 & I’ve been homeschooled since grade 1. I’ve never heard of this but it sounds really cool!

    • Jenny W-K says:

      The seminars are for both kids and adults. Kids attend them with a parent. Homeschoolers from Kindergarten to 12th grade can attend.

      It’s a great opportunity to do something education and fun at Disney. It’s a unique experience, and you can’t beat the convention prices.

      My daughter and I are attending this Fall, and we’re really excited. I hope to do a nice blog post about our experience with pictures when we get back. The post will be sometime in late November.

      • Katie's Keys says:

        Do you know when the dates are for fall or the one after that? I’ll be on the look out for your post!

      • Jenny W-K says:

        Typical Homeschool days are in September and October. If I can locate the exact dates for this year, I will let you know. The next one will be in late January. I don’t believe the days have been announced yet.

        The Homeschool Group we’re going with, Carolina Homeschoolers, has their own trip planned for November. The information is at this link:


        The group signs you up for seminars and orders your convention price park tickets. It’s very organized, and about 800-1000 homeschoolers attend each year.

  3. Laurie says:

    How long are the seminars? The website didn’t specify.

  4. Jenni says:

    Is it possible to be on ane email list to get the homeschool days when they come out?

  5. Priscilla says:

    any upcoming dates?

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