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Our First Homeschool Gathering

on March 22, 2015

IMG_9954 (2)

This week marked a new chapter in our homeschooling journey.  First, I found out that one of my daughter’s friends from her Irish dancing class is also homeschooling.  This was such great news.  Kayla has been eager to meet other kids that are homeschooling.  Up until now, it seemed like most of the kids she has activities with are going to public or private school, and the ones that do homeschool are much older than her.  It was great to find out that someone she already knows is doing it as well.

Second, we attended our first homeschool gathering.  I’ve been looking up local groups and co-ops for the past few years, and I’ve been meaning to take her to one for the past 6 months to a year now.  There were always schedule conflicts, illnesses, doctor appointments, and so on, that would keep us from going.  I had finally decided I was going to take her no matter what.  It was time.  Luckily for us, her friend from Irish dancing was also going to be attending her first gathering too.  That made it easier to get the motivation we needed.


Now that we finally went, I wish we had gone sooner.  It was a wonderful experience for Kayla, and for myself.  It was pleasing to be with a group of people that are committed to homeschooling the same way I am, and to see my daughter interact with other homeschooled children.  Everyone was friendly and welcoming.  We immediately felt like we belonged.

This week was their science fair, so we were able to see the science fair presentations.  After the presentations, all the kids were able to participate in two science experiments.  They made hover crafts and elephant toothpaste (foam).  All the kids seemed to enjoy both experiments.

IMG_9944 IMG_9945 IMG_9966 IMG_9968 IMG_9972 IMG_9974

Kayla had a blast, and didn’t want to leave.  She loved meeting this new group of kids that have something in common with her.  I enjoyed talking to the other moms, and watching all the kids interact with each other.  I was impressed by how well everyone got along and worked together.  There were 15 kids total there on the day we went, including my daughter.  The youngest was a baby that was only crawling, and the oldest was a 14 year old.  I loved seeing the older kids playing with the younger kids, and trying to help them.  There were no cliques.  There was no bullying.  There was no negativity at all.  I’m sure there is the occasional conflict, but overall they all seem to get along well.  Attending this gathering definitely made me remember the many reasons why I decided I want to homeschool my daughter.

I went to the gathering intending to only visit and check it out.  I left as a member of the group.  There is something about belonging to a community, and having people that support you that is special.  I want my daughter to have a place where she can go and interact with other homeschooled kids, do projects together, play together, learn together, and even go on outings together.  It may only be once every other week, but she will benefit from it.  We will be a part of a community that believes in our homeschooling journey.  We will be able to be around people that can help encourage us, motivate us, empathize with us, and even guide us (if needed).  This will benefit both of us.

Now one of my goals is to not only make every effort to keep attending these gatherings every other week, but to also find other homeschool families and groups to get together with for play dates, field trips, and recreational activities.  If any of you are on the fence about joining a local homeschool group, I recommend at least looking into it and giving it a try.  Maybe it won’t be the right fit for you, but it’s worth a try.  I think we all need the support and nurturing that only other homeschoolers can give us.


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