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Kayla turned 2! – How did two years go by already?

on November 21, 2012

Kayla with her birthday crown on.

Kayla turned two last week, and I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that my baby is now a 2-year-old.  It feels like she was just born.  When I was younger, I never understood when people would say that time goes by faster the older you get, and time flies by once you have kids.  It seemed so silly to me.  Why would time suddenly start going by faster?  Time seemed to move so slow when I was little.  But now I finally understand.  The last two years have gone by so fast it feels like I just blinked my eyes and they are gone.  I am so glad I am someone who takes a lot of pictures and tries to remember to take videos, because those things are so precious to me now.  I love looking at all of Kayla’s pictures, and seeing how she has changed.  It’s amazing.

I wanted to do a simple party for Kayla’s birthday, with just family and friends who have young kids.  That didn’t happen.  Nothing is simple with my husband’s family.  He is one of 7 kids, and there are 12 grandkids…with another one on the way soon….so there will be 13 grandkids.  When his parents, siblings, grandkids, and significant others all get together, there are over 30 people.  And that’s not including any aunts and uncles, or family friends.  It’s a little crazy and overwhelming.  My family is much smaller, but once you add in my family and any of our friends, we can have over 50 people for a gathering.  To me, that is just too much.  It feels more like a circus than a party.

Kayla ended up having a party at Chuck E Cheese’s.  Luckily, not everyone attended due to other obligations, and we opted not to invite most of our friends.  So total, we had about 32 people.  This party set us back $300, and that isn’t including her gifts.  (I must fight harder next year to do something even smaller.)  And this was actually a little cheaper than her 1st birthday party.  My goal is to keep saving more money on her parties each year until I view it as a reasonable expense.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe birthdays are important and should be celebrated, but I think the party itself should cost under $200.  Maybe I am being unrealistic with the amount of people, but I also would love to cut down on the size of the party.  My husband keeps informing me that this is impossible without hurting people’s feelings.  We shall see…

Anyway, Kayla had an awesome time at her party, and she enjoyed her actual birthday.  Her actual birthday is extra special because she was born on my older nephew’s birthday, November 15th.  He turned 18 this year.  He likes to talk about how for his 16th birthday I gave him a baby cousin.  🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little Love Bug!!!

Kayla hugging Chuck E Cheese on one of the little rides.

Playing games together.

Hanging out with Chuck E Cheese.

So many presents…

Celebrating her actual birthday at home.


Her new tent…which is much bigger than her old tent.


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