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Halloween was fun, but now I’m ready for other holidays

on November 10, 2012

Kayla had a great Halloween.  This was her first year going trick or treating.  The weekend before Halloween, we took her to Trunk or Treat at my sister’s church.  She got the hang of it right away.  She was so excited, she could barely wait to go trick or treating for real on Halloween.  This was her first year going door to door trick or treating.  I was so proud of my determined little princess.  She refused to let us help her.  She didn’t want to be carried and didn’t want anyone touching her bucket.  She walked the whole way all by herself…which was a lot of walking for a kid that isn’t quite two yet…and she carried her own Halloween bucket the whole time, even with it full of candy.  She was a trooper.  Once she was done, she let us know.  She plopped down on the sidewalk and announced, “Done!”  Then since she refused to allow us to help her, she got up to walk back to my sister’s house to eat dinner.

We went trick or treating with my sister and her family.  We ate dinner with them before heading over to my husband’s parent’s house.  My husband likes his parents to be able to see Kayla all dressed up in her costume.  All in all, it was a good night.

Trunk or Treat at St. Paul’s Church

My nephew, Alex, and Kayla at Trunk or Treat.

Halloween at my sister’s house. Kayla was Snow White, and I was the Evil Queen.

Walking from house to house on Halloween.

Kayla was pretty good about holding my hand while we walked around.

My little trooper who would not accept help from mommy or daddy. She wanted to walk by herself and carry her own bucket of candy.

My nephews passing out candy to the trick or treaters.

Halloween was fun, but I’m ready for other holidays now.  In our house, once Halloween is over, it is officially the holiday season.  I am not one of those people who likes to keep all my holidays separate.  Our Thanksgiving decorations tend to be up with our Halloween decorations.  By the time November hits, we start taking down most of the Thanksgiving decorations with the Halloween decorations.  And yes, we start putting up our Christmas decorations.  Sorry if you don’t approve, but it’s what we do.  I absolutely LOVE Christmas, so I like to have my decorations up for at least a month and a half to two months.  The longer the better, to me.

People tend to take it the wrong way and think we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, or that we don’t understand the meaning of Thanksgiving.  No, we celebrate it.  I am thankful for many things.  I do Thanksgiving crafts with the kids.  I read Thanksgiving books to Kayla, and we watch Thanksgiving cartoons.  We watch the big Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and I wake up early to cook the big Thanksgiving Day meal to celebrate with my family.  My grandmother died from cancer when I was little on Thanksgiving Day, so believe me, we know how important it is to be thankful for our family and friends.  I am thankful every single day.

I am not ignoring the Thankgiving holiday by putting up my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  I just choose to celebrate it my own way.  I enjoy having the Christmas tree lit up as I prepare my Thanksgiving Day meal.  I like listening to Christmas music while I cook.  It’s soothing and makes me happy.  I enjoy eating our Thanksgiving Day meal with the Christmas lights all around.  I love seeing Santa Claus at the end of the various Thanksgiving Day parades.  And on Thanksgiving night, I sometimes enjoy snuggling on the couch with loved ones while drinking hot chocolate and watching a holiday movie.  That is my choice.  I am not forcing anyone else to come to my home and take part in any of this with me, but it’s what makes me happy.  To me, the holiday season is Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  We should be able to celebrate decorate the way we wish.  And it shouldn’t matter if in your household you celebrate Hanukkah or Kawanzaa instead.  We celebrate the way we want in our own homes and with our own families.  Who cares what everyone else thinks.  If you want to put up tons of Thanksgiving decorations, then do it.  If you love Christmas like me, then put up all the Christmas decorations you want and enjoy them.  Don’t let everyone else dictate to you how you should celebrate your holidays.

Personally, I like putting up my decorations early, getting most of my shopping down before December, and trying to get as much wrapped as I can early.  While everyone else is all stressed out and complaining how much they hate the holidays season, and that there is too much to do…I am enjoying the holidays.  I get to relax and do all the little things I want to do with my family.  I actually get to enjoy spending qaulity time with my family, and creating traditions.  Sure, I may still have moments of stress here and there as I try to fit everything in, but nothing like what I see other people put themselves through each year.  While other people are stressed about getting their shopping done and staying up late wrapping presents.  I am having relaxing evenings watching Christmas movies with my family, and listening to Christmas music while I do craft projects with the kids.  I go shopping in December because I want to go out shopping, not because I have to be out shopping at the crowded mall for all the gifts I put off getting.  And while everyone else is complaining that they have no time to put up all their decorations, pick out their live Christmas tree, and make other preparations, etc… I’ve already been enjoying my decorations for weeks.  It’s nice to have a stress free holiday season.  Everyone else should try it sometime.  🙂


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