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More Fall and Halloween Activities

on October 29, 2012

Here are some more pictures of various activities we’ve been doing over the past few weeks.  I’ve kept the kids busy with do a dot art, lacing projects, and coloring.  They have been really good sports about not going down to the basement to be in our “classroom.”  I really need to get them back down to our space again, but right now it’s been easier to give them projects to do in the living room so I am close to the kitchen while I’m cooking.

Do a dot art projects. Kayla is doing great with these, but she loses interest fast. I make sure to have a few pictures for them to do at a time.

Alex does a wonderful job with these, but sometimes he decides to just start decorating the pages however he wants. As long as he also does the dots, I really don’t care if he wants to add additional dots.

Do a dot art projects.


Alex working on his pumpkin.


Showing off his pumpkin. Great job!


Kayla working on her pumpkin.


More do a dot art work.


Lacing form squares.


Alex wasn’t sure he wanted to do this at first, but then he started to get into it.


The kids wearing their lacing project as necklaces.


Lacing animals.


This lacing set is a Melissa and Doug set. Kayla and my nephew seem to like it. Kayla likes to do the dog and the horse ones most of the time.


Kayla working on a coloring page.


Alex doing some coloring.


I think I’m going to have the kids do one or two more Halloween activities/projects tomorrow, and possibly our Halloween matching game.  After that, we’ll be moving onto our Thanksgiving and Christmas projects.  I like Halloween just fine, but I am excited to move onto Christmas projects soon.  What are some of your favorite holidays oriented activities/projects that you like to do with your kids?  I would love to get some new ideas.













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