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Back to toddler school

on October 10, 2012

We had a bit of an unscheduled break last week.  Kayla got really sick, then I caught what she had, and it has taken us a week or so to recover fully.  I’m happy to report that today was my nephew’s first day back over and we had a rather productive day.

The kids did do-a-dot pages for the first time with the actual do-a-dot markers.  My nephew caught on pretty quick.  He liked filling in the dots, but also enjoyed decorating his entire page in dots.  At first, he was having problems making the dots dark enough.  They would come out really light.  After awhile, he figured it out on his own.  I was really proud of the second page my nephew did.  He filled in each spot and the picture looked great.  I wasn’t sure how Kayla was going to do with this since she’s not even 2 years old yet, but to my delight, it only took a few tries before she started putting the dots in the appropriate spots.  She was a little off at times, but very close…and other times she got the dots right where they were supposed to go.  I was very proud of her.  They did three different pages.  The last page wasn’t actually a do-a-dot page, it was a tracing page.  I told them to use their dot markers to follow the lines.  Kayla looked at me like she wasn’t sure what I was talking about, but my nephew kind of understood.

Our letter this week is P.  I got the do-a-dot pages from the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.  There is a lot of great material on that site.  The kids loved the P is for Puppy theme today.  It probably has something to do with the fact that we have three dogs in our household.  I talked with the kids about the letter P and had them make the P-sound with me.

Next up, I got out Kayla’s wooden blocks with the alphabet and numbers on them.  I spelled out each kid’s name in blocks and had them repeat the letters of their names with me.  We built towers together with the blocks, and then I let them have some time to play on their own.  Alex decided to line up the blocks across the table and told me he was making a big gate.  Kayla wanted to steal all the blocks at first, but then she just sat and watched Alex create his gate.  They also played with stackadoos (bristle blocks) for a bit before and after lunch.  I got Kayla those while she was sick, and it’s one of her new favorite toys.

My sister bought the kids little Disney Halloween coloring books with stickers, so this afternoon I sat them down to color.  Alex used up all of his stickers right away and put them all on the same page in his coloring book.  Kayla was the opposite.  She only used three stickers and was more interested in coloring than the stickers.  I think she was getting frustrated because the stickers would stick to her fingers and she had a hard time working with them.  She loves stickers, but she’s still getting the hang of them.

I love to sing songs with the kids, so we did that twice today.  We almost always do songs that include some type of movements with our hands, arms, body, etc.  They love doing finger plays.  The second time we sang songs today, I put on some music afterwards so we could get up and dance around.  This helps them work the wiggles out and burn some energy.  They dance however they want, or they can try to mimic me.  It’s up to them.  The idea is to just have fun.

All in all, I thought it was a great first day back to toddler school.  🙂


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