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Some essentials for playful learning activities for young kids

on September 15, 2012

It can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining at times trying to keep toddlers entertained, and teach them at the same time.  Although my daughter and my nephew have a lot of time to just play on their own or watch their shows, I also like to have plenty of activities on-hand for them to do.  I thought I would make a quick list of some essential items that are good to have around at any given time for playful learning activities.  I will add onto this list in the future with follow up posts, but here are some of my favorite essentials.

1.  Reusable sticker books – These are great for toddlers since they always want to move the stickers around.

2.  Coloring books and toddler friendly crayons

3.  Dry erase boards, dry erase markers, and magnetic letters/numbers

4.  Chalk boards and colorful chalk

5.  Puzzles and sorting toys – The bigger, chunkier ones are best for toddlers.  My daughter loves puzzles with animals on them.

6.  Fingerpaint and fingerpaint paper

7.  Construction paper – You can use it for so many different projects.  You can simply give the kids colorful paper and let them draw.

8.  Puppets – They can play with these by themselves, or you can use them as props for songs/stories.

9.  Kid’s songs CDs – For dancing to and singing toddler friendly songs.

10. Board books – For looking at by themselves, or you can read to them throughout the day.

11. Stamps and toddler friendly ink pads – Chunky toddler friendly stamps with big ink pads are the best.  Make sure you get the washable ink.

12. Memory games – Now you can find so many different types of memory games with your child’s favorite characters on them.  My daughter has Curious George and Minnie Mouse.

13. Playdoh – My daughter likes taking the playdoh out of the containers, then putting it back in different containers.  I like to use it to teach her colors and to show her how to make animals.

14. Blocks – Plastic, wooden, fabric, etc.  They are all fun for kids and teach them to build things.

15. Flash cards – They can sort them into groups, name what’s on the cards, answer questions about the pictures, etc.

What are some of your favorite essentials for keeping young children busy?

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