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Early learning websites – Giving your child a headstart

on September 7, 2012

Over the last month or so, I’ve been letting my daughter play around on some early learning websites.  There are some that charge a monthly fee, and there are others that are

Picture from abcmouse.com…early learning website for kids.

free.  My daughter’s favorite site is www.abcmouse.com.  She gets so excited when she sees the home screen pop up.  She calls the site, “mouse.”  This site does charge a monthly fee, but so far I think the small fee is worth it.  There is a wide variety of things to do on this site.  There is an interactive farm and zoo where kids can learn about animals.  Your child can listen to songs, read along with books, do art projects, complete puzzles, and play games.  There are also printables to help encourage continued learning even when your child is offline.  There are six learning levels and a special toddler section.  This site is suitable for kids ranging from toddlers to kindergarteners.  One of my favorite things about the site is the interactive farm and zoo.  My daughter’s eyes light up everytime she sees the animals moving around and hears them making noises.  It’s such a cute way to get kids to learn more about animals.  The voices reading the books on the site can sometimes get annoying, but I deal with it since my daughter enjoys them.  I grin and bear it for my daughter.

My best friend’s mom is a retired teacher, and she recommended some great free sites to me a few weeks ago.




On starfall.com and wedolisten.org, kids can read along with books, learn their abc’s, listen to songs, etc.  These sites are very cute and user friendly, but they aren’t as advanced as the abcmouse.com website.  Storylineonline.net is an interesting site because it has celebrities reading children’s books.  For instance, you can watch a little animated video of the book, A Bad Case of Stripes, and it is being read by Sean Astin.  If you don’t know who Sean Astin is, he’s been in movies like, The Lord of the Rings, Goonies, and Rudy.  Your child may not know who the actors are reading the books, but as a parent, I definitely get a kick out of it.

Here are a few more good early learning websites that you might find useful:




The last three websites are recommended for ages 3 and up.  My daughter is not quite 2-years-old yet, and I take her on these sites to play around.  If your child is under the age of 3, they may not be able to navigate around the site by themselves, but they can still enjoy it.  Turtlediary.com is a free site that can be upgrated to a paid site for access to more activities.  I personally just use the free activities on the site.  I haven’t had a need to access the paid activities yet.

All of these sites can easily be incorporated into homeschooling lesson plans, or they can be used to supplement a traditional school education.

What is is favorite early learning website?  Do you know of any other early learning websites that you can recommend to others?  Do you feel your child benefits from using these types of early learning websites?


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